May 18, 2024

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What you should and should not do with clear aligners?

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are also known as invisible aligners and are one of the best options to correct crooked teeth. It is very flexible and very comfortable to use. The aligners can correct underbites on teenagers and adults, also the aligner trays can be custom-made for every patient based on their requirements, as every mouth size varies.

Do’s of Clear Aligners:

  • You should brush your teeth and clean the trays thoroughly so that no bacteria can build the trays while you sleep. A good regular morning routine is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene. Repeat this at night too.
  • Wash your aligners whenever you remove them.
  • You should wear aligners 20-22 hours a day as suggested by our dentist.
  • You need to carry a small bag when you go out for extra care.
  • You need to soak your aligners once daily this ensure that they smell good.
  • You should brush and floss your teeth before wearing the aligners in your mouth. It is necessary to keep your teeth and gums clean.
  • Keep aligners out of the direct sun, hot cars.
  • Store your aligners safely when not in use.
  • Be sure to get regular dental cleanings and checkups to check if it’s in good shape.

Don’t of Aligners:

  • You need to properly store your invisible aligners in their case to protect them. 
  • When left in open air bacteria can build up.
  • When you eat or drink anything, take the aligners out first. Invisalign can take the pressure while eating.
  • Avoid using scented soaps or toothpaste as they will leave a residue on your trays and discolor them.
  • Never use sharp objects to remove aligners.
  • Never wrap your napkin or paper towel, it can break.
  • Use hot water to clean your aligners.
  • Never place them in the dishwasher. As the high temperature can damage your aligners.
  • Never soak your aligners in mouthwash, which can damage or discolor them.
  • Never bite your aligners into position, which can damage both the aligners and your teeth.

We hope you have learned about dos and don’ts about clear aligners that will help you to straighten your teeth. You should never skip your routine your regular check-ups, however, talk with your doctor for improved results. Our dentist will guide you with proper care and help you with better results. You can book your appointment slots from our website, as per your requirements. We will be delighted to guide you with our updated treatment procedures.