July 14, 2024

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What treatments can a general dentist do?

However, by now you’re slightly familiar with a general dentist and its treatments. A general dentist manages oral health problems for all your dental needs. If you are looking for an all-around family dentist, many are qualified and experienced to carry out a range of procedures. We always think of a family dentistry where you regularly go for dental checkups. Learn about the treatments and understand how a general dentist can help you out.

Dental fillings:

One of the most common general dental procedures is dental fillings. In this treatment, fillings are made of alloy or ceramic materials. It is durable and is efficient. It is one of the most proven and successful treatments in general dentistry. This treatment helps to restore missing tooth structure that is due to decay or trauma. When you get decay makes a hole in the teeth, then filling helps to fill the gap and protect it from further gap.

Dental crowns:

Another common procedure that general dentists perform is dental crown placement. Again, when a patient has a cavity, it is likely that they will visit their general dentist’s office first. In some cases, if the patient has a severe cavity or damage, a dental crown may be needed. The procedure is relatively straightforward, but it does require more than one appointment. The crown has to be custom-made in a lab, which will require the impressions to be made in one appointment and the placement in another. Dental crowns are made of different kinds of materials, but the most common are porcelain, gold, or metal alloys. General dentists recommend all of them due to their durability and long-lasting results. Porcelain is natural in color, making them a great option for someone seeking a discreet treatment.

Teeth whitening:

It is the process that makes your teeth look white. Over time, when teeth become strained then teeth whitening helps to whiten the teeth. General dentists help to remove the stain from the enamel and make your teeth look pure white.


A very general but popular procedure for a dentist is extractions. In this treatment, the dentists pull those teeth which are critical in condition or have poor shape. Many think that extraction is simple, but it is one of the most complicated procedures as a good practicer can only do it diligently.

Root canals:

 It is the therapy used to repair and save the teeth that are infected. When teeth are infected, then root canal treatment is treated. It generally removes damaged roots and the interior portions of the teeth. General dentists perform root canals very often.


1) A general dentist helps to maintain good oral health to prevent gum disease.

2) A general dentist helps to get your regular annual checkup.

3)  A regular visit to a dentist helps you catch any dental problems very early due to general checkups.

Well, if you are looking for a general dentist near you, do contact us. We will help you to start a great and healthy start with our practicer. Our caring team will be happy to guide you with all your oral health needs.