July 15, 2024

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Bowflex Exercises and Workouts Guaranteed to Build Muscle

Bowflex Exercises and Workouts Guaranteed to Build Muscle

If you’re shopping for a Bowflex Home Gym you probably want to know which Bowflex exercises and workouts will build muscle … and do it fast. As someone who’s worked out on a Bowflex since college (I’m now in my late 20s), I’ve tried virtually exercise you could think of and even made some up. So, if your working out on a Bowflex or planning on it, here’s some muscle blasting exercises that will deliver amazing results!

Bowflex Exercises – Compound Workouts: Compound exercises kick-butt for building size and overall body development. They work by stressing your body across multiple muscles and joints at once.

Compound exercise benefits include:

o Develop overall size and mass.

o Improve core strength and appearance

o Lift heavier and deliver more explosive power

Kick-butt Bowflex compound exercises:

o Chest – bench press, incline press

o Back – back rows, pull downs

o Thighs – squats, leg presses

o Shoulders – shoulder press, upright row

o Calves – standing calve raises

o Biceps – bicep curls

o Triceps – tricep extensions

o Abs – sit-ups, oblique

Bowflex Exercises – Isolation Workouts: Isolation exercises are highly effective for developing individual muscle groups and etching out separation and definition. They work by stressing individual muscles at a time.

Kick butt Bowflex isolation exercises:

o Chest – chest flys, pull-overs

o Back – pull-overs, reverse flys

o Thighs – leg extension, leg curls

o Calves – single calve raises

o Biceps – single bicep curls

o Triceps – single tricep extensions, kickbacks

o Abs – crunches, twisting crunches

The concept of compound and isolation exercises is simple yet the results are profound!

With a Bowflex you get the best of both worlds with up to 100 exercises to work every body part.