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What Is Fat Transfer Surgery

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Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that involves removing fat from the thigh/hip area and injecting it to the butt/breast area. This process sounds like an absolutely perfect solution – you remove the excess fat from one part of the body and add it to another that you feel is lacking in volume.

But how good is this process? Fat transfer London has done the research for you. This entry is certain to shed more light on fat transfer and even help youdecide whether this process is perfect for you.

How It Works

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a process that is fairly self-explanatory, at least in basic terms. Liposuction methods are used where a thin, hollow tube called a cannula is injected underneath the skin. Then, the fat is sucked out of the skin. In principal, this is how liposuction works, if the process is far more complicated.

With fat transfer, the fat that’s sucked out of a body part where it isn’t wanted (typically the waist area and hips) is then applied to an area of the body that you want to enlarge in size.

Why Is It Performed?

Typically, patients interested in this surgery lack volume in the chest or buttock areas, and have extra and unwanted volume in the waist or thigh area. Of course, this may vary significantly.

Some patients use the excess fat to fill hollow eyelids, enhance their cheeks, and build up the volume in areas that have started showing signs of ageing.

The Benefit

There’s a reason why this procedure has been growing in popularity in plastic surgery hubs such as fat transfer London.Regular plastic surgery relies on various artificial products to enhance the volume of specific body areas. These synthetic materials have undergone tremendous advances since the advent of plastic surgery. They have become so sophisticated that you wouldn’t be able to tell that they aren’t natural.

However, rejection and further complications that come as a result of inserting a foreign piece of matter into the body are still very much present.

With fat transfer, things are much more natural. In fact, many consider it “natural” plastic surgery. After all, nothing artificial or foreign is being inserted as a part of this procedure. Body fat storage is merely “relocated” to another part of the body.

And yes, the end result of fat transfer definitely looks and feels much more natural, compared to implants, no matter how advanced the technology.

It’s Not Less Expensive

Typical plastic surgery involves the insertion of implants, making an incision, dissecting a pocket of skin, placing the pocket, and stitching it up. With fat transfer, only a small incision is made, and there is no cutting.Plus, no high-tech implants are inserted – only the patient’s own fat.

For that reason, the procedure should be less expensive than regular plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Still, the procedure isn’t significantly more costly than your traditional surgery, which is why so many patients flock up to have fat transfers performed.

But has traditional plastic surgery become obsolete?

It’s Not Ideal

Fat transfer, although much more natural and less painful than the traditional implant procedures, is not an ideal option in every instance.

The ideal candidate for fat transfer is a patient who’s after a small enhancement to their breasts or buttocks. But the candidate has to have excess fat to be removed, as well.

If you are looking for a vast size improvement and significant shape changes, you might be disappointed with fat transfers. They can do a little, but do not perform as well as typical implant insertion surgeries. After all, shaping the excess fat isn’t easy.

Additionally, if you have a familiar history of breast cancer, fat transfer is not recommended – the injected fat cells may obscure screenings.

Finally, be prepared for limits in both fat extraction and fat injection.

Fat Transfer – Is It Good?

If you are the ideal candidate, then fat transfer is definitely a far better option than performing liposuction and inserting small implants. However, if you’re looking for advanced body sculpting and significant changes in contour and size of certain body parts such as breasts and buttocks, you’re best off withtraditional plastic surgery.