Vaping During Winter: What You should Know

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Vaping has been revolutionary since it was introduced to the market. It has been at the forefront in helping many people stop smoking for good. Vaping is more effective in making people quit cigarettes compared to other cigarette alternatives. Since vaping is relatively new to many people, some may have questions about it. 

Many people tend to wonder how their vaping habits may be affected by the weather around them. Whether we like it or not, we have to experience variances in the weather around us, but this does not mean that we have to stop vaping. A lot of concerns among those who vape are vaping when it is cold, especially in the winter. Winter tends to come with many challenges and most of them are because of the cold temperatures and snow. Here is all you need to know when vaping in the cold.

Does E-Liquid Freeze?

One of the main concerns when vaping in a cold environment is if the e-liquid used freezes. Just like many liquids, e-liquid will freeze when subjected to a certain low temperature. To understand how low temperatures are going to affect the e-juice, you need to know what makes up the e-juice.

Most e-liquids contain pure propylene glycol and pure vegetable glycerin. The two substances tend to have a different freezing point. To be rather specific, pure propylene glycol melts at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, vegetable glycerin freezes at around 2 degrees Fahrenheit. When the two substances are combined, they have a relatively low freezing point. It is vital to also note that nicotine may affect the freezing point of the e-juice.

Time will play a significant role in whether the e-liquid will freeze or not. This implies that the amount of time you will subject your e-cig to the cold temperatures will determine when it freezes. Many people will only be out for a limited period when it is cold outside, and this means that your e-juice will most likely not freeze. 

The type of e-cigarette is also key in determining if the e-juice freezes or not. For better results, it is crucial to use a vaping product that is of high quality. Since the vaping industry has grown rapidly, you can now purchase quality vaping products from well-known online retailers like Epuffer, and you can visit their original site here.

How Extreme Cold Weather Affects Your Vaping Device

It is important to note that extreme weather conditions can affect your vaping device. This is because your device is electronic and electronics tend to be affected by the extreme weather conditions that are present during winter. Snow and rain may affect your device batteries, and this may affect how it performs.

If possible, you should keep your vaping devices at room temperature and away from harsh weather conditions. Doing so will ensure that your device has a longer lifespan. 


Your vaping experience is most likely to be affected by extremely cold conditions. It would be wise to take care of your vaping equipment by keeping it away from harsh weather conditions.

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