April 16, 2024

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The Impossible Cure for Autism

In 1996 when my daughter was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDDNOS), there were very few natural resources to help children who were non-verbal. I had taken her to what was presumed to be the best hospital at the time, “Children Memorial”. The psychologist who evaluated her noted in her record, “We currently do not have the testing resources to properly evaluate the scope of her case; it falls under the spectrum of PDDNOS”. Offering blanket statements and improper diagnosis does not bring our children any step closer to wellness. My daughter remained completely non-verbal until age seven when I discovered after years of research a homeopathic protocol to help detoxify heavy metals from her body. I chose homeopathy because homeopathy has been in clinical use for over 200 years. Homeopathy has had no recorded side effects and no negative interactions with other drugs. Homeopathy can be taken safely and effectively with nutritional products, herbs, and other conventional drugs and procedures. If your child is taking drugs, you will need to monitor them as their symptoms improve. As they have less need for their prescription a plan, stepping down and off medication would need to be coordinated with your physician.

Homeopathy is based upon evaluating the symptoms and behavior and applying the proper remedy to help address the specific issues. My daughter started talking for the first time at age 7 within three weeks of being on the following recommended protocol. She also stopped spinning, slamming her head, explosive crying, and starting sleeping more through the night. She became calmer going into public and had less behavioral outbursts when transitioning from one environment to another.

Recommended Homeopathic Detox Protocol:
Please keep in mind the manufacturer is important; I highly recommend the “Energique Nutrition” brand of products. If you cannot buy it in your area please contact me through my blog listed in a link below. I can give you the information of doctors offices who can help you obtain the proper products and ship to you.

Items you will need and recommended dosages:

” Energique Nutrition” Metastat – 3 drops once a day.

This will pull the metal (i.e.; mercury, aluminum) out from where it is lodged, The majority of it will come out in the first week or so, then more slowly afterwards, you will need to monitor your child to possibly add an extra drop per day after the first two weeks.

Energique Nutrition Cometox- 2 capsules per day
If your child cannot take capsules, you can break them open and mix them in small amount of flavored syrup or beverage, just enough for him to swallow it liquefied. Cometox will chelate the heavy metals so that they cannot be re-lodged in the body.

Energique Nutrition Cilantro – 12 drops two times per day.

Homeopathic Cilantro is well known as a safe chelating method of evacuating heavy metals from the body.

Energique Nutrition Solidagocom – 10 drops two times per day

This protects and strengthens the kidneys to eliminate the heavy metals.

Calcium Carbonate
You can choose your own brand or I recommend a brand called “Calcium 6 Plus” or Solary brand. For children 1-6 years old, 250 mg, twice a day. For children 6 -11 years and older, 500 mg, twice a day. Age 12 – adult, 600mg, twice per day

Helps re-build bone and when the heavy metals are pulled put it can leave an empty space or small pit in the bone. Calcium carbonate helps to rebuild the empty space with healthy new bone material.

Keep in mind your child should always take calcium carbonate two times per day, no matter what, even when he is off this program. Calcium carbonate alkalizes the blood stream, and helps strengthen the ions in the brain. To give you an idea on how to do this, a typical day would be:
Morning: 3 drops of Metastat
1 Cometox
12 Drops of Cilantro
10 Drops of Solidago
Calcium Carbonate, as directed

Evening: 1 Cometox
12 Drops of Cilantro
10 Drops of Solidago
Calcium Carbonate, as directed

What you might observe:

In the first two weeks, your child may be a slight bit more irritable. They may be more prone to provoking behavior such as demanding to turn lights on/off, flicker light switches, flicker and push buttons around house. They may be too anxious to sleep.

Your child may cry and be more sensitive than he is now as well. Just be gentle and patient with them. In order to detox, it has to come up and out in order to be released from the system. As toxins are being released, you child may behave in a more temperamental manner due to the stress of detoxifying.

In the third week, look for more improved eye contact when you greet them. Notice the start of making clearer vocal sounds, repeating words, and showing some improved degree of listening skills. Imagine my shock when my silent non-verbal child all of a sudden said hello to me for the first time. Be patient, play music, let them enjoy listening to songs with easy to learn words like nursery rhymes and sing with them. Engage in pretending games such as playing drums on a toy instrument or drumming your hands on a surface.

Stay on this program for 30 days. You will only need to buy one bottle of each item.
Compared to other detox or heavy metal chelation options, the above protocol is safe, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive.