April 16, 2024

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Nose Job Capital of the World – Beverly Hills Or Tehran

Fashion conscious women prefer to spend their money in plastic surgery and proudly show it off. They want smaller noses to look almost like Barbie. “You guessed wrong! I am not talking about Beverly Hills but rather Iran.” A Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist explains. With Over 100,000 plastic surgery per year Iran has been the rhinoplasty capital of the world. A woman’s beauty is an essential component of Iranian culture. ”Kill me, but make me beautiful,” one Iranian proverb goes. ”The beautiful face soothes the tired heart and opens the closed door,” goes another.

However the Islamic rulers of Iran have been limiting the display of female beauty by enforcing Islamic dress code. Iran’s strict Islamic dress code has backfired. Where the women face is the only visible part of the body it is understandable that unsightly nose can take a center attention. Influenced by flock of western culture through internet and satellites, Hollywood noses are the Persian women’s dream. The desire among lovely Persian women to look like Snow White is strange but it is a direct reaction to authority’s attempts to make them look like bats and crows.

There have reportedly been more nose jobs in Iran recently than in any other country in the world. Persian women are flocking plastic surgery offices like nowhere else in the world. Right after leaving Tehran’s plastic surgeons’ operating rooms, women rush to their favourite coffee shops to show off a new bandaged badge-of-honour noses. Some even wear fake bandages just for the show off. Now It’s becoming increasingly common for Iranian men to have cosmetic surgery too. Business has been wonderful for hundreds of doctors specializing in nose and other facial surgeries. Of even greater concern are the rising instances of facial disfigurement resulting from operations carried out by unqualified surgeons. As a result, Iran’s justice ministry has set up a special office for medical malpractice cases. Between 2001 and 2004, it dealt with 2,715 cases arising from cosmetic surgery, leading to 459 doctors receiving various forms of written rebuke and 21 being suspended for up to four years.

In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, one of the largest communities of Iranian outside Iran, nose job still remains one of the most requested surgeries by Persian women. The Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, explains. In United state too non qualified surgeons are allowed to perform rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is by far the most difficult of all the plastic surgeries thus He recommends board certified facial plastic surgeons.