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Kefir For Kids: Do Babies, Toddlers and Children Really Need It?

Kefir for young children is a increasing location of desire, notably as the vitamins and minerals in kefir have been linked with several well being positive aspects.

You might also have listened to that the well being rewards of kefir are outstanding to yoghurt!

So you ponder regardless of whether you ought to be offering kefir to your newborn, toddler or older child.

If you’d like to check out the added benefits of kefir milk for small children then you are in the appropriate spot.

In this blog write-up, we’ll talk about regardless of whether kefir is very good for children, kefir’s wellness rewards and how a lot kefir to consume.

What is kefir and is it protected for infants and infants?

Kefir is a fermented drink with a creamy regularity and a little acidic flavor.

Kefir can be prepared by fermenting milk from cow and goat milk with starter cultures made up of kefir grains.

Did you know that kefir grains are not a grain?

As a substitute, it is a symbiotic society of lactic acid micro organism, yeast and acetic acid germs that adhere to a polysaccharide matrix.

The kefir grains resemble chopped cauliflower in appearance.

How is kefir created?

Kefir grains can be additional to milk or h2o to make a slim fermented consume called kefir.

As soon as the milk has been fermented to kefir, the grains can be eradicated and reused to prepare a new batch.

The lactic acid microbes in the grains crack down lactose in the milk into lactic acid.

This provides kefir its bitter style (equivalent to normal yoghurt).

Nevertheless, the texture is much runnier compared to yoghurt.

Kefir for infants – is Kefir safe and sound for infants?

The wellbeing benefits of kefir milk may possibly entice you to attempt kefir for children, but I’m sure that you are questioning regardless of whether kefir milk is harmless for infants.

As kefir for young children is geared up employing cow’s milk, you are proper to be careful.

Sad to say, kefir is not risk-free as the key consume for toddlers and infants less than 1 calendar year of age.

Kefir milk or water is not a nutritionally complete consume for toddlers.

For this cause, present breastmilk which is also a prosperous source of both of those pre and probiotics.

If your child drinks infant formula, give this as their key consume till your kid reaches their very first birthday.

Even though toddler formula could have prebiotics extra, most infant formulae do not contain are living probiotics.


When to introduce kefir to infant

When your little one is 6 months of age and has tried out the fruit, vegetables and iron-prosperous food items and grains, you can provide kefir to newborn.

You can insert kefir to breakfast cereals (like you would entire cow milk) or mix it into rice to make ‘yoghurt rice’.

This is a secure way of offering kefir to toddlers.

For far more info on weaning, see How To Get The Most Out Of Weaning At 4 Months and at 6 Months.

Is kefir excellent for small children?

Source of probiotics

Kefir can present a range of various overall health positive aspects associated with it.

Kefir incorporates valuable germs termed probiotics with an assortment of strains existing.  

The various probiotic species in kefir have been connected with a assortment of health and fitness benefits in adult literature.

Did you know that kefir is noticeably richer in probiotics than yoghurt?

There are sure probiotic species current in kefir that may also assistance take care of acute diarrhoea.


When young children consume kefir regularly, the several probiotics within kefir can assist the growth of helpful microbes in children’s gut.

The two important helpful bacterial family members are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

These are the two significant bacterial genera recognized to modulate the intestine microbiome to reap the associated benefits like the management of acute diarrhoea.

There is also some laboratory-based mostly evidence that proteins in dairy milk might also uniquely support aid the expansion of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.

Study additional on probiotics in 12 Most effective Probiotics for Young children.


What are the advantages of kefir for young ones?

When your child is one particular year of age, toddlers and more mature little ones can begin to take pleasure in kefir milk prepared from total milk as a drink.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that kefir has beneficial effects on digestive difficulties like lactose intolerance.

This is because kefir is created from grains containing dwell bacteria and cultures which split down and assistance digest the lactose present in milk kefir.

The exploration, therefore, implies that the probiotic microbes present in kefir can improve the body’s potential to digest lactose.

Resource of calcium, protein and other nutrients

One of the well being benefits of kefir for children is that it is a all-natural source of calcium which is demanded for the advancement of sturdy bones and teeth.

Kefir can also be a source of vitamin D, also necessary for nutritious bones and a strong immune procedure.

Lastly, kefir is a resource of protein which growing small children will need for its purpose in restoring and protecting muscle mass tissue as properly as for children’s advancement.

Is milk kefir lactose free of charge?

Unless the packaging states that your chosen brand of kefir is minimal in lactose, sadly there will be lactose current in milk-based mostly kefir.

Older small children who wrestle with lactose intolerance may perhaps continue to be in a position to tolerate 1-3 tablespoons of kefir with their foods.

Person tolerance will vary dependent on how a lot lactose the child can normally tolerate in a single sitting.

The fantastic information is that most drinking water-based mostly kefir or dairy-absolutely free kefir will not have cow’s milk proteins and lactose.

Nevertheless, do check out the elements listing for terms that show lactose or milk if your little one necessitates reduced lactose or dairy-cost-free diet regime.

Is kefir reduced fodmap?

Kefir is commonly a milk based mostly consume enriched with probiotics.

You may possibly be taking into consideration applying kefir for IBS signs or symptoms these kinds of as bloating or loose stools.

Make sure you take note that fermented milk-primarily based kefir is not lower fodmap.

This is since kefir milk for kids is commonly higher in lactose at a serving of 200 ml.

If you know that your child is lactose intolerant, h2o based mostly kefir beverages can be a good option.

Just try to remember to often look at the elements for other superior fodmap elements.

Also, don’t forget that not all young children with irritable bowel syndrome battle with lactose and higher fodmap food items.

This is exactly why it’s significant to know your child’s trigger food items so that foods are not prevented unnecessarily.


Is kefir superior for IBS?

As kefir is a wealthy supply of probiotics it is a intestine-helpful foodstuff and can be very good for IBS. 

This would make it an exceptional food to incorporate in your child’s diet program if they wrestle with constipation or diarrhoea.

Acquiring reported that, as stated higher than, if your more mature youngster has issue digesting lactose it is very best to consider kefir in tiny quantities and step by step raise portions based on how much they can tolerate with no triggering indications.

Learn a lot more about IBS Kids Mastery Process 1:1 Programme.

Kefir and antibacterial properties

Kefir contains a unique kind of probiotic identified as Lactobacillus kefiri.

This probiotic is assumed to secure the physique against infections from many unsafe microorganisms like Salmonella, Helicobacter pylori and E coli.

The literature suggests that yoghurt and kefir can lower the advancement of Bacteroides fragilis, a type of microorganisms frequently involved with diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel condition.

Kefir health gains and allergic reactions

Kefir for children could have other potential health added benefits in the location of foodstuff allergy.

This contains protection from its anti-inflammatory houses and antioxidant protection for health and fitness complications like childhood bronchial asthma and foods allergic reactions.

A developing entire body of proof suggests that intestine dysbiosis which is a microbial imbalance of the intestine is involved with inflammatory and immune-mediated health conditions.

The human microbiota is a important contributor to a lot of facets of human wellbeing and its composition and variety are mostly affected by diet program.

Such as kefir milk for youngsters early as section of their diet plan could most likely impact their susceptibility to some health and fitness situations.

Regular use of fermented foods like kefir for young ones could be one particular technique of influencing the gut microbiota positively from an early age.

How a great deal kefir to consume?

There are no official guidelines on how a lot kefir to drink.

You can provide kefir milk to young children with their breakfast cereal or as a drink on its personal as normally as you like.

Kefir for young children can be addressed a small little bit like yoghurt.

You can offer you it as a snack the moment a day or as a little consume with their primary meal.

Just remember that kefir ought to not be available as the principal consume for infants.

Scaled-down portions of kefir can be presented to infants with solids as described before in this post.


Examples of kefir for young children

In this article are a several manufacturers we consistently purchase merely due to the fact the young children get pleasure from them.

Yeo Valley Kefir Yoghurt

We like this specific solution mainly because it is low in additional sugar at less than 10g sugars for each 100g.

The brand name use 14 various kinds of probiotic strains from the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus household.

We also enjoy that it is available in a couple diverse flavours so it’s an effortless choice as kefir for youngsters.

In its yoghurt type, it’s brilliant served in excess of breakfast cereals.


Encouraging kefir milk for little ones could be worthwhile in the extensive term due to its wellness advertising and marketing ingredients.

The overall health added benefits of kefir for youngsters are largely down to the beneficial bacteria with probiotic qualities.  If kids are prepared to consume kefir, then it can be available securely as portion of a very well-well balanced diet program.  

If your youngster does not love kefir, then check out not to fear.  You can present yoghurt as an alternative but notice that it does contain noticeably a lot less useful microbes when compared to kefir.

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