May 19, 2024

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How Long Should a Drysuit Last

Drysuits provide excellent thermal protection when doing watersports in cold water. They can be some of your more expensive kayaking equipment. So, taking good care of them protects your investment and ensures that they’re in good condition when you need them. 

How long a drysuit should last entirely depends on how well you take care of it. If you use it roughly without any care, your drysuit won’t last for a long time. But, if you maintain your kayak dry suit effectively, your drysuit will last for a more extended period, even for 10 years. 

Only choosing the best drysuit for kayaking is not enough for you if you don’t make sure how long your drysuit lasts. That’s because we’re here to talk about drysuits, how long you’ll take care of yours so that it can provide you with hassle-free supports. 

How Long Should a Drysuit Last?

A good quality drysuit should last for a long time. Even an expensive, low-quality one should last 5 to 6 years. Typically, drysuits come in a variety of types and styles. So, maintaining them might be different from one another. 

How to Maintain Your Drysuit Effectively

A drysuit keeps you dry underwater. It can cost more than 1,000 dollars, so it’s a significant investment. If you treat your drysuit right, it will last for longer, even more than 10 years without any hassle. 

Pull Wrist and Neck Seals

You have to pull wrist, and neck seals, especially latex seals, if you want to protect your drysuit. Talcum powder is an excellent formula that eliminates all resistance between skin and seals virtually. When you wear your drysuit, you shouldn’t stretch the fabric lengthwise. Then pull the suit over your head or wrist. 

Never Zip up a Waterproof Zipper

Use only the manufacturer’s wax, specially formulated for your specific drysuit zipper, and apply the wax only on the outside of the teeth. As a result, they cannot interfere with the inner sealing surfaces of the zipper. If you need help zipping up because your suit’s a rear-entry design, make sure that your buddy knows everything. 

Unzip the Drysuit Carefully

When you need to put on or take off your drysuit, you might stress the seals and the zipper. You’re probably pulling yourself much closer to a repair that may cost plenty of bucks. That’s why you should order a suit that comes with a relief zipper or a pee valve. Therefore, when you need to pee, you don’t need to unzip and strip down your suit.  

Wipe the Drysuit Outside if Possible

Wiping the outside of your drysuit with a quick-drying microfiber towel will be useful if the suit is made of fabric. After that, attach a protective cap on the valve. If your drysuit builds up corrosion inside the valve, it can create a stuck inflator button. 

Don’t Hang Your Drysuit for Longer Period

It will be best if you don’t hang your suit for long-term storage. Even using a wide-shouldered plastic hanger won’t be the right decision for you. When you put it open to dirt and dust, your suit may become a bit bulky and make you uncomfortable while diving into the water. 


We hope you’ve already understood how long a drysuit should last. If you want to dive, wearing your drysuit in the next day, hang the suit to remove the dampness. Always try to store your drysuit far away from the Sun.