April 19, 2024

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Defying Autism – A Miraculous Story of Hope by Karen Mayer Cunningham

Hope for Healing – for Victims of Autism

“Defying Autism” is the story of the journey of the Cunningham family. It is an account of the day to day struggles and heartache of caring for their son James in his fight against the disease of autism. James was formally diagnosed “classically autistic” after months of frustration throughout a downward curve in his learning skills. The diagnosis devastated his parents Tom and Karen Cunningham.

In her narrative Karen compares their story to a season of life. The story chronicles the early days of their marriage, the joy seeing baby James develop, and the events leading up to the diagnosis. Each chapter details another season in the development in the life of their son James and through the subsequent struggles they faced as parents and caregivers.

Chapter titles include: “The Santa Ana Winds,” “Tornado Watch, “Possible Flooding,” and “Tsunami.” Karen kept looking for a rainbow of hope. She talks about navigating through the fog, working through state agencies, CPS caseworkers, and the discovery of the Gospel Revelation Ministry.

Karen subtitled the book “A Miraculous Story of Hope.” Although few deny the ability of God to heal with miraculous power, many will struggle with the concept of healing as a result of the doctrines of demons and exorcism. “Defying Autism” testifies of James being miraculously freed from the disease and bondage of autism.

The flow of the narrative is gripping. I appreciated Karen’s transparency in revealing her emotions, fears, doubts, and her vulnerability which allows the reader to empathize and identify with her personal anguish.

“Defying Autism: A Miraculous Story of Hope” is written to help and encourage others struggling, hoping, and believing for a miraculous healing.

Creation House, 978-1599796284

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review.