June 20, 2024

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Check Out the Best Workout for Handstand Progression

Things to Know About Handstands


You probably know the importance of regular workouts. Apart from the idea that it keeps our bodies run smoothly and efficiently, it is indispensable for mental health.

However, going to the gym can be time-consuming and expensive, especially in pandemic times. That is the main reason why you need to learn how to handle your workouts at your home.

The best way to learn the importance of handstands is by clicking here for more info. 

One of the most effective and advanced exercises includes a handstand, which is not something you should take lightly. A strenuous exercise will boost your core strength, provide you better circulation, and allow you to combine your mind and body.

We decided to present you with things you should know about handstands before you start doing them.

Reasons to Start Doing Handstands

  • Boost Core Strength – We have mentioned above that the best way to build your core strength to the max is by implementing regular handstands. Of course, getting upside down is not as simple as it sounds because it requires severe stability and balance. Therefore, you need to work out your hamstrings, hip flexors, abs, inner thighs, lower backs, and oblique to get in the shape to start with this advanced regiment. Therefore, instead of trying planking, you can increase your core muscles’ strength by standing on your hands as much as you can.
  • Improve Your Balance – It is vital to understand that handstands are not just about strength in general. They require maneuvers, which is why you need to think about balance beforehand. It is the perfect exercise that will combine both balance and strength, which will allow you to do it properly. Of course, you need to start against a wall to learn how to stabilize yourself throughout the process. However, reaching the point of freestanding requires even further efficiency and patience, which is why you need to take a step at a time.
  • Increase Strength of Upper Body – If you are shaking while standing on your hands, you are building your upper body muscles, which will help you in the future. Remember that the best way to do it is to hold against a wall for at least ten seconds. It would be best if you did it frequently, and after a while, you will be able to hold up to one minute. As a result, your upper back, arms, and shoulders will become stronger than before.
  • Perfect for Mental Health – Another benefit of hanging upside down is the idea that you will boost your mood throughout the process. Generally, blood flow will increase in your brain, which will provide you with additional energy. Simultaneously, it will calm your mind, which means that you can fight off depression and anxiety. Keep in mind that you will reduce cortisol levels by making inversions, which means that you can enjoy yourself along the way.
  • Perfect for Bones, Breathing, and Circulation – Another benefit of being upside down is that you will increase your body’s overall circulation. Therefore, the blood flow will reach your lungs and protect them. At the same time, you should know that most bodyweight bearing exercises would strengthen your shoulders, spine, wrists, and arms, among other things. 

You should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLt5RXhch8E&ab_channel=AliviaD{a408158a2c6651201571b5f3f92422d172f1fb5dd4f351e7477296117ae1cd60}27Andrea to learn more about handstands.

Tips to Get Out of a Handstand Safely

We can all agree that people tend to struggle with handstands, which you need to remember. However, it tends to happen because they do not know how to handle them properly, leading to severe strains and injuries.

The worst thing that could happen is to injure yourself, which will affect your future working out. Therefore, you should learn how to get out of the handstand without causing your upper body strains.

Since we are talking about a complex movement that requires complete inversion, you will need to master both balance and strength, as we have mentioned above.

The facts state that most people struggle to handle a handstand properly because they do not know how to get out of it without hurting themselves. The problems can happen if you lose motion control, which is why you need to understand how to protect yourself.

Instead of landing on your back or head, which can lead to severe complications, the best way to protect yourself is to find someone to supervise you throughout the process. 

Of course, you cannot rely on a supervisor all the time, which is why you need to learn how to get out of a handstand safely and without too much hassle.

We can differentiate various ways to get out of it based on the directions you wish to take afterward. Each of them is perfect for a particular situation, but you should know that you would not control it in some cases, so you need to assess a situation properly beforehand.

Throughout developing a handstand, you will not have control of your movements and the direction you are going. In case you decide to lean forward, you should roll out. On the other hand, if you are leaning on the sides, we recommend turning and planting.

Finally, if you are falling on your back, you should step down. 

  • Step Down – This is a significant movement that you need to learn to handle a perfect handstand. In most cases, you have probably done it a few times while exercising for it. The main idea is that you should come back down the same way you came up. The easiest way to do it is to split your legs and bring them down one by one. You should check out the handstand workout to learn how to prepare yourself beforehand. 
  • Turn and Plant – On the other hand, you can turn and plant, which will help you improve your chances of success. Therefore, if you are leaning o0n aside, you should start by separating your legs. At the same time, you should pivot your legs, and the outside leg should be on the floor. As soon as you do it, you should lift the opposite hand and come down with ease.