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Birth Control Pills: The History And Ortho Pharmaceutical

Birth Control Pills: The History And Ortho Pharmaceutical

Here the history and some features of birth control pills are described. But from the starting era of oral contraceptives the Ortho Pharmaceutical has played a major role in the invention of modern pills and many other things related to contraception and women’s health. The Ortho Pharmaceutical has given its best output at each decade from 1960 till date.

The FDA, Food and Drug Administration of USA, approved the oral contraceptives which are also known as “The Pill” on 23rd June, 1960. Searle manufactured the first oral contraceptive and it was named Enovid. The Pill was really warmly welcome and liked by the women of 1960 and even today the women like the pill and almost sixteen million women all around the world use it as a form of birth control method. Even the pill is nearly 100% effectual if it is taken correctly.

Oral contraceptives played a key function in the sexual freedom of women which occurred nearly in the 1960. Yes after approval of oral contraceptives, women for the very first time were able to enjoy sex with no panic of pregnancy.

Ortho Pharmaceutical came in the market in 1963 by introducing its first contraceptive pill and from 1965 the company started yearly survey on women’s health and their reviews on birth control pills. Even in the 1965 the Supreme Court of USA declared that the laws about the prohibition of contraception were undemocratic.

In the 1970 when the pill were widely used and getting more popular in women, Ortho Pharmaceutical launched low-dosage pills. Even it introduced the progestin-only contraceptive pill for the first time. The progestin-only pill are the greatest alternative for breast-feed mothers.

In 1980s, first time the multiphasic contraceptive pills were developed by the scientists of Ortho Pharmaceutical. These pills delivered progestin in changeable levels to simulate the usual hormonal tempo of a female’s menstrual cycle. These pills quickly turned out to be the most recommended contraceptive pills in USA.

The time was of 1988 when the FDA came to know about additional possible advantages of the Pill use. The advantages include a reduced occurrence of Ovarian Cancer, pelvic inflammatory infection, endometrial cancer, benign breast disease and ovarian cysts. Then an advisory commission of the FDA realized that the advantages of birth control pill may are more important than the probable physical threats of Pill usage by non-smoking, healthy women above 40.

The contraceptive pills became more popular in the 1990s when Ortho carried on its investigation to make the Pill better. FDA approved Ortho TRI-CYCLEN, a product of Ortho Pharmaceutical, for treating the acne in females of 15 and as a contraceptive pill for above 18 in 1996.

Ortho Pharmaceutical launched the first Birth Control Patch in 2001. Even Ortho launched Ortho TRI-CYCLEN LO in very next year, i.e. in 2002. This low-hormone contraceptive pill was developed to give extremely effectual contraception and expected menstrual periods.

Thus the history of birth control pills also belonged to the Ortho Pharmaceutical and it has given its best to the contraceptive age.