July 19, 2024

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An Inexpensive and Effective Alternative to Flood Insurance

An Inexpensive and Effective Alternative to Flood Insurance

Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative to flood insurance? If so, look no further than the sump pump. The “sump” is a reservoir, usually located in the lowest level of your basement, where excess water drains and is then “pumped” outside, away from the home. Put these two functions together and what do you get? A sump pump!

The Sump Value

Sump pumps are valuable for a number of reasons. When groundwater levels rise due to heavy rain, these pumps expel water flowing indoors far enough away from your home to avoid water damage. They can also rid a basement of any water that rises upward from an oversaturated ground supply. Whether water enters your basement from above- or below-ground, they can keep your basement dry. In this way, they are a great and inexpensive alternative to flood insurance, which, in some areas of the country, can cost more than a thousand dollars each year.

Why Stay Dry?

Why is it important to keep a basement dry? A basement is considered “wet” if there is a small amount of moisture, such as condensation on the walls or windows, or if there is a more immediate issue, such as standing water. Either scenario can cause serious problems for both your home and your health.

Wet basements often result in mold growth, unpleasant smells, and structural damage. It is important to keep a basement dry so that your entire home (including the basement) is a safe and livable environment free from mold and mildew, and so that the integrity of your home’s foundation is not compromised. Sump pumps are especially important in areas with wet climates or areas prone to bursts of heavy rain.

Types of Sumps

There are many types of pumps available for homeowners. The TripleSafe™ sump pump system includes three pumps, which provide continuous flood protection in the event that one pump fails or there is too much water for a single pump to handle. If a storm is so powerful that your power goes out, you can rest easy knowing that the UltraSump® Battery Backup sump pump will keep your home protected. The UltraSump can expel more than 11,000 gallons of water from a crawl space!

Speaking of the crawl space, if your home’s crawl space is the place where flooding usually occurs, the SmartSump™ crawl space sump pump system provides superior flood protection. It also includes a vapor barrier system to keep your crawl space dry and healthy. You can even connect a dehumidifier hose directly to the SmartSump crawl space sump pump system to ensure the highest level of protection.


Why pay hundreds of dollars a year (or more) on flood insurance when you can install a safe, reliable, and effective sump pump that will provide year-round flood protection? A basement without one is susceptible to flooding, mold, and moisture buildup. It’s time to determine which type of pump best suits your home, budget, and climate, so that you can rest easy during the next heavy rain!