July 19, 2024

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You May Be A Morning Person But Your Back Is Not

You May Be A Morning Person But Your Back Is Not

Many people are early risers who find they are most energetic and can get much accomplished soon after they awaken in the morning. However, many of these same people have problems with their lower back that plagues them. This article will discuss some simple ideas to avoid back conditions, especially for “morning people.”

Back issues are common, possibly epidemic in the United States. Studies show that 80% of the population will have a significant back pain problem before the age of 40. Some of these back pain episodes are a one time thing when the back “goes out.” Others suffer from chronic ongoing back discomfort. The common denominator is that back discomfort causes quality of life to suffer.

Based on scientific research and my 35 years of chiropractic practice I have found that almost all back complaint suffers can benefit by starting slowly in the morning.

The low back is especially vulnerable in the morning. Consider, we have been inactive and sedentary throughout the night while we’re sleeping. Our entire body has been still and without much movement. It is definitely not warmed up upon awakening. However, morning people and almost anyone who’s had a really good night’s sleep may be mentally rested and raring to get going with many of their daily activities.

The problem arises when the mind is willing, but the body is not. Let’s introduce an idea where we are going to let the body warm up so that we are capable of performing physical activity without suffering deleterious effects.

I’m sure we’ve all noted that our four-legged friends, dogs and cats always stretch after they’ve been laying down for a while. Instinctively, they know it’s best to warm the body up before activity. We also know that professional athletes would never think of practicing or engaging in a competitive sport without a proper warm-up. We should follow these examples.

Most people will find that if they start slowly the first hour after arising the back will gradually warm up and be less likely to cause problems the rest of the day. Conversely, if a person irritates the back early in the day it is much more likely to persist all day long.

My advice to morning people is to schedule less strenuous activities early in the morning until the back is warmed up. Later, after being up for a couple of hours the back will be much more receptive rigorous chores.

I have many testimonials from patients who once suffered from chronic lower back pain and now swear that giving their back a chance to warm up has drastically minimized the back discomfort that they previously experienced.

It is possible for morning people and their lower back to peacefully coexist if they will only start slowly in the morning!