July 14, 2024

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What do You Need to Apply for a LGV License?

If you have acquired the standards licence, you might think that getting an LGV licence will be the same experience. And to some extent, you are right. The processes are similar up to a certain point. However, in some regards getting an LGV licence is different – it is longer and more involving.

For instance, for the theory portion of the process, you have to take two exams rather than one exam as is the case with a standard driving licence. Additionally with HGV courses, for the practical tests, you have to undertake two exams rather than one as is the case with standard licences. The process of applying for your LGV licence does have some similarities as well as differences.

What Do I Need: An LGV or HGV Licence?

Before we delve into the application process, it is important that we address some concerns that some people have as they seek a provisional licence. The main issue is the type of licence you should apply for. Presented with documents and applications for both LGV and HGV licences, you might get confused about which option best suits your needs. The truth of the matter is, either of the applications will meet your needs. Heavy Goods Vehicle, is better known as HGV, while LGV stands for Light Goods Vehicle or Large Goods Vehicle. You need the same licence to operate both kinds of vehicles.

However, if you want to apply for an HGV licence, you need to get 2 application forms, which are:

D2 Form

You need to get a D2 form. The D2 form is the actual application form you need to fill and submit to DVLA as your application for the provisional licence. This form works in the same way as the application process for your standard provisional driving licence. As such, this part of the application process should be pretty straightforward.

You can get your D2 application pack from DVLA or get the pack from your training school. The form is simple to complete and it should take no more than 10-15 minutes to fill in. This part of the application process is fast.

D4 Form

The second application form is the D4 form. This form is available as part of the D4 pack available from DVLA. Alternatively, you can download the form from the GOV.UK web site. Either way, you will get the required form. However, downloading straight from the government’s website gets you a little bit more information and more tips, which is always helpful.

You will fill in the first part of the D4 form. The other half of the form requires you take the form to the doctor’s office for them to fill. At the doctor’s office, you will take a physical exam with the doctor recording how well you do and whether you have any issues that should be considered. After the entire form has been completed, it is sent to the DVLA.

With both forms filled, you can send the forms to apply for a provisional licence. If there are no complications in the application process and if you have no red flags on your medical exam or driving record, you will receive your LGV licence in your post in as little as 3 weeks.

While it takes three weeks before you can make the next step, there is still plenty left to do. For instance, you need to do a lot of practice for the theory exam you will take. You can start preparing for the test right away, as you do not need a licence for this part. You can even be getting ready to take the exam by the time you get your licence.