July 22, 2024

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Top Workout Tips for Teenagers Who Are Interested In Building Some Muscles

Teenage Bodybuilding Guide: How To Workout, Eat & Grow | Muscle & Strength

Are you a teenager that is looking to build some muscles? Then, you have to understand that going about it the best way is very important.

ReviewsBird shows that there is an increasing quest in teenagers to grow their muscles and while some of them do so by focusing on healthy diets for teens, there are others that are considering workouts. Age changes our body and that means there are things we can do as teenagers that we cannot do when we grow older. However, reading through UK Sport Imports, we have decided to provide you with top workout tips for teenagers who are interested in building some muscles.

·         Start with a medical check-up

As a teenager who wants to start a workout session recently to build muscles, the first thing is to go for a check-up. There are several health conditions that may affect you in the long run if they are not detected early enough. Heart problems and conditions are capable of affecting your muscles. To be sure you are getting things right as a teenager, schedule a session with the doctor for medical check-up. This should be done before starting a muscle-building workout.

·         Skip the shortcuts and focus on the basic

There is no shortcut that will help you in building muscles and if there are any, they will not help you as a teenager. The best thing for you to do is to skip the shortcuts and focus on the basics. Squats, push-ups, and light liftings can be a good place to start. Spend most of your time working out and avoid steroids as much as you can. Using steroids as a teenager is not needed to build better muscles as it can cause damage to your body in the long run.

·         Design a solid workout program

One of the many challenges faced by teens who are interested in building muscles is inconsistency. Starting is easy, but what differentiates teens from themselves in reaching their goals is how consistent they can get. A good way to remain consistent is to design a solid workout program that fits into your daily schedule. If you are finding it difficult to design a schedule that works, you can speak to a professional to help come up with an effective program. Instead of starting with the heavy lifting programs, you can opt for the basic programs like bench press, shoulder press, and squats.

·         Feed your muscles often

As you engage in a muscle building program as a teen, your body produces a hormone – insulin. This hormone is what allows your muscles to soak up nutrients that make it bigger. To ensure the effectiveness of this hormone, you have to feed your muscles by eating foods that are rich in carbs and protein. Examples of these kinds of foods include turkey, peanut butter, beans and legumes. When consuming protein, make sure to keep it minimal because while they may be good for muscle building, they can affect the kidney.

Some workouts that can help building your muscles as a teenager include:

Leg exercises: To build your muscles as a teen, one area that you will need to concentrate on is your legs. Workouts that can be done to improve muscles in this region include leg press, split squat, lying leg curl, Romanian deadlift, freehand jump squats, and seated calf raise. Based on the muscle building program you have designed for yourself, you can schedule different times for this. As a teenager, it is best that you go for two – three sets of eight – twelve reps of the leg workout you choose.

Cardio workouts: Other than your legs, another area to concentrate on is cardio. There are several exercises that you can engage in this regard, and some of them include walking and running on a treadmill, or walking and running outside. As a teenager, keep your walking and running exercise between twenty and thirty minutes to avoid overworking yourself.

Push Ups: Another workout option to build your muscles is to engage in push-ups. You can choose the regular floor push-ups or the incline bench press. Other options to consider include the toe touches, bench dips, lying triceps press, and flat bench dumbbell press among others. Regardless of the push up set you decide to go for as a teenager, make sure to get rest in-between every set.

If you want to have well-developed muscle as an adult, there is no better time to start building than when you are a teenager. However, the first and most important thing to do is to start with a medical check-up to determine whether or not you are fit for the muscle building program you want to place yourself on. Then, create a program that suits you and you can remain consistent at. If need be, you can speak to a professional to guide you through the process of coming up with a program.