July 15, 2024

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How to Identify the Signs of Erectile Dysfunctions Early On?

The number of cases of erectile dysfunction is rising rapidly. In these times it is normal to worry about having erectile dysfunction. You might have many doubts regarding this condition, its symptoms, and its treatments which may be contributing to some part fo your fear of this condition.

But rest assured, having occasional issues with erections does not classify as erectile dysfunction, let’s better understand erectile dysfunction to get our facts clear.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that can occur at any age, but it is mostly diagnosed after a person is between 20 to 65 years of age.

Men who suffer from this condition are presumed to have no erections at all, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction experienced a complete lack of erections no matter how much sexual stimulation they get, but most of the cases of erectile dysfunction include weaker erections and a reduced sexual drive.

If you are afraid that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, check if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis for at least 3 months straight.

  1. Complete Lack of Erections (In spite of Sexual Stimulation)
  2. Weaker Erections
  3. A decrease in sexual drive
  4. Unexplained disinterest in Making Love to your Partner

Let me stress on the time duration here, you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction only if you have been experiencing these symptoms continuously, without any other feasible reason for around 3 months.

You might like to know that every man experiences some problems with his erections occasionally. Lack of enough sleep, too much drinking before the act of love, preoccupied mind, lack of physical attraction between partners, or even performance anxiety can cause you to have no erections or weaker erections occasionally.

Before jumping to conclusions, please ensure to rule out the possibility that these factors may be the reason that you are experiencing one or more sexual dysfunctions which include erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

There are different causes of erectile dysfunctions which can either be physical or psychological.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction can be various types of cardiovascular and heart diseases, the catch about erectile dysfunction caused due to such diseases is that erectile dysfunction often occurs as a symptom of these diseases and may occur before you even realize that you have these diseases.

The good news is that you can be saved from your heart and cardiovascular diseases from becoming severe if you report your erectile dysfunction early on to your doctor.

Apart from such diseases, if you are overweight, and have been having a hard time with obesity, and have almost no physical activities in your daily life, then you are at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Smoking and excessive drinking are among the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, so if you someone who has this extravagant lifestyle, you might want to visit your doctor to talk about your sexual health.

If you taking some prescription medications, you might want to check out the side-effects of those medications as certain drugs cause erectile dysfunction as a side-effect.

Talking about the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, there are a variety of things such as excessive stress, fear of intimacy, depression, self-esteem problems, body image issues, and even performance anxiety that can be the reason behind your sexual dysfunctions.

People having relationship issues such as losing the intimacy between partners, constant fights, lack of physical attraction between partners can also be the reason that you are not able to get the hots in your pants.

If you have been through sexual abuse as a child or even as an adult, you might face sexual dysfunctions, so it is best to see a professional in such cases.

Temporary & Permanent Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatments:

There are some cases of erectile dysfunction that are temporary and may go back to normal after you get the necessary treatments. Such cases are usually the cases of erectile dysfunction induced due to the psychological causes such as performance anxiety, and boy image issues.

People who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to obesity, smoking, and excessive drinking may also be able to experience a normal sexual life after quitting these habits, maintaining a healthy weight coupled with the health of medications such as Cenforce while they are on their journey towards complete healing.

Some conditions such as diabetes and prostate cancer can leave you with permanent erectile dysfunction, but even then, it is possible to enjoy a satisfying sexual life with your partner using medications such as Vidalista, or erection inducing penile pumps.

Some cases of permanent erectile dysfunction can be treated with penile implants and surgeries which gives long-lasting results but cost a lot when compared to oral medications.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to lack of testosterone in their body can reverse their condition by doing activities that boost testosterone production, eating a diet that helps in the secretion of this male sex hormone, or getting testosterone injected for quick results.

Now that you have a running idea about the types of erectile dysfunctions, their symptoms, and their causes as well as their treatments, you are in a much better position to identify your symptoms and seek out help as earlier as possible.

Even if you are not suffering from this condition, prevention is always more profitable than a cure so your mind wants to go through the causes of this condition and keep yourself away from them as best as you can.