April 14, 2024

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How to Build Muscle Mass Fast

It has been seen that people most often go astray in learning to build muscle mass because of the unproven claims, unnecessary exercises and diets.

Therefore, here are some of the tips for building muscle mass without doing anything harmful.

Weight lifting must be done: Weight lifting goes a long way in helping one build muscle mass. Also, gymnastics, calisthenics and cardiovascular work may build muscle mass.

Compound plus Isolation Workouts must be done: For building muscle mass, compound exercises are very important. They involve several muscle groups concurrently and stimulate the secretion of growth hormone in the body.

Eat to get sufficient calories. It goes without saying that one is required to take enough calories so that the body may grow as per the requirement regardless of the bodybuilding diet one is on. But the amount of the calories must not exceed the requisite amount to build muscle. It may give adverse effect in that case.

Protein should be taken adequately – It is not essential to take behemoth amount of protein. But at the same time, if the amount of protein taken is below the required amount, it will not help one build muscle mass. One can make use of the following calculation for the proper intake of protein:

Daily Protein Requirement= Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75

Workouts must be kept short. Those who use steroid can train for several hours but it is not possible for the natural bodybuilders. There is a secretion of catabolic hormones in the body that breaks muscle down. Therefore, one should keep all workouts sessions very short to minimize this. Duration of the workouts must not exceed 45 minutes.

Allow Adequate Rest Between Sets. It is very necessary to perform well at each set in order to building muscle mass. It has been shown in the research that relaxation time between sets of less than one minute decease the level of power muscle can generate in subsequent sets. Hence, rest for at least two minutes between sets is very much required so that the best possible balance between time-saving and greatest results can be achieved.

Water should be taken sufficiently: Water is very important for building muscle mass at the max rate. The more water one drinks, the better it is for one’s overall health.

It should be kept in mind that if there is a drop in the level of hydration up to three percent only, in such case strength decreases up to 15%.