July 14, 2024

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How Old Do You Have To Be to Get Medical Marijuana?

How do you get a medical marijuana card? | Weedmaps

Most states allow people who are 21 years old and above to buy medical marijuana, as long as  they are medical marijuana card holders. Buying any marijuana products without the right requirement is legal. The only way you can purchase marijuana is when you have a medical marijuana card

Can a 15-Year-Old Buy CBD?

Each government has different rules on use of marijuana as a medicine or for recreation. However, for people who are 15 years old, they can purchase medical marijuana as long as they have their guardian with them who has undergone the process of getting a medical marijuana card for underage patients. 

There are requirements in order to get a marijuana card if the patient is a minor, and they should be monitored by their guardians at all times. 

Do You Have To Be 19 To Buy Medical Marijuana?

Once you are 18 and above you are considered an independent adult in most states. Which means you can be allowed to apply for a medical marijuana card, if your state allows your age to do so. Otherwise, if the rule says you are only allowed to purchase on your own at the age of 21 then it means you are still a guardian to buy your cannabis treatment for you.

Can Medical Marijuana Be Sold To Minors?

Whether for recreation or medical minors are not allowed to purchase marijuana without being accompanied by a guardian plus a medical marijuana caregiver. There are some can get a medical marijuana card but has to go through the following steps: 

Step 1:

A doctor’s recommendation is needed, and medical records need to be presented for evaluation. The doctor will be looking at the medical history of the patients and will do the necessary procedures to check if the patient indeed needs medical marijuana. The presence of their guardian or caregiver is needed.

Step 2: 

Once the doctor’s recommendation is done the caregiver processes the application and pays the registration fees. If everything is done, you can choose a dispensary where the medical marijuana for the minor can be purchased. 


To know more about the qualifications for medical marijuana in New Orleans you can ask agencies that can guide and help you in acquiring medical marijuana cards. Remember that  whatever the circumstances are, medical marijuana is still a marijuana which means there is no way you can purchase one without having gone through the process of getting a medical marijuana card.