July 19, 2024

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Experiencing Pain Between The Shoulder Blades?

Experiencing Pain Between The Shoulder Blades?

People regularly experiencing pain between the shoulder blades has become more common with frequent computer use. That burning, achy pain that is relieved somewhat by sitting up straight has become regular occurrence in the workplace.

So how does it start? What make that pain likely to show up with daily activities that you’re doing?

If you guessed “posture,” you’re on the right track. The muscles that go from your shoulder blades to the middle of your back are called the rhomboids. These muscles are under a lot of stress when your posture isn’t good. Making changes just to these muscles will go a long way in changing how you feel.

After an extended period of bad posture (like months or years), these muscles will get longer. The longer the muscle gets, usually the weaker it gets. However, this doesn’t stop you from performing all of the normal work you’ve got to get done in a day.

Your symptom usually shows up as pain between the shoulder blades, and it can be prevented. While chiropractic intervention may be needed to get the joints of your mid back spine moving correctly again, much of this problem can be prevented by doing things to stretch the chest muscles and strengthen the muscles that help you maintain your sitting posture.

By increasing the strength of the muscle, they will become shorter and more able to hold the shoulder blades in place. Taking the steps to improve your posture, particularly the rhomboid muscles, will help alleviate your pain between the shoulder blades.