July 13, 2024

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An Easy Way to Apply False Eyelashes Correctly and Safely

False eyelashes are an important part of the process of applying eye makeup. False eyelashes can give the final makeup look more perfect.

However, not infrequently many women are less proficient in applying false eyelashes on the eyelids. So, what kind of way can be done?

A beauty expert and Hollywood celebrity makeup artistas a Bourjois, provides some easy and precise steps to apply false eyelashes. Curious?

1. Individual Eyelashes

The first step:

To apply individual false eyelashes or one-on-one, She suggests applying them after applying mascara. Then, let it dry. This is done so that the false eyelashes that are installed still look neat without any gaps.

Second step:

When applying individual false eyelashes, She uses glue that is placed on the back of her hand. Then, start attaching the false eyelashes one by one to the glue using the help of a tweezer or tweezers.

Third step:

Time to apply individual false eyelashes on the eyes. The easiest way to apply this type of false eyelashes according to She is with the help of a tweezer or tweezers. This will make it easier for you to arrange them according to your natural lashes so they look more natural. Start applying it from the base and tail of the lashes.

Fourth step:

To give a more dramatic impression, you can add one to two false eyelashes at the corners of your eyes. Make sure the previous false eyelashes have dried. Then, use your fingers to make it easier to stick perfectly.

She also suggested using mascara again so that it blends in perfectly and looks natural.

2. Strip Eyelashes

The first step:

Strip false eyelashes are the most common and easy to apply like Pupa. But there is also one easy trick you can try, which is to cut it in half before applying it to your eyes.

Second step:

After applying the false eyelashes, you can gently smooth them out with your fingers before the glue dries.

Third step:

Unlike individual false lashes, you can apply mascara after applying strip false lashes. As information, Ardell is the best choices for you. This method will give a natural effect on your eyelashes.