July 13, 2024

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4 Tricks to persuade children not to be afraid of going to the dentist

For some children, the experience of going to the dentist is a scary experience. They had imagined the doctor’s instruments would go into their mouths. Or the child has had a bad experience at the dentist before. This will certainly make the child afraid to go to the dentist again. In fact, checking and treating teeth to the doctor is very important and cannot be avoided.

Take it easy, if your little one is afraid to be invited to the dentist, you and your partner can use the methods below.

1. Take to the dentist since childhood

Try to take your child to the dentist as early as possible. If a child is invited to the doctor for the first time when he is old enough, for example 7 years, it could be that the child has heard various scary stories about visiting the dentist. So, it’s best if your little one has started checking with the dentist since he was a toddler. Do not wait until there are new complaints to the doctor because it is very likely that his first visit will involve a procedure that is quite scary for the child. With regular checkups, the child will also be more relaxed and used to the visit.

2. Just tell the point

Usually so that children are not too noisy and afraid to go to the answering services for dentists, parents tend to promise their children that the procedure will not be painful. If it turns out that later the child really needs to be anesthetized or have his teeth extracted and he feels pain, it could be that the child has lost trust in his parents. It’s better to answer the child’s anxiety, just tell the point.

Do not tell too many leaked details because the child will be more curious and afraid. Use an analogy like when your child visits the pediatrician when he has a cold. You could say, “You will be seen by a doctor, just like that time. Only this time your mouth and teeth will be examined.”

3. Let the dentist explain the procedure

There are also children who keep asking what they will do at the dentist. Just say that the dentist will look into the child’s mouth and treat if there are certain problems. Remember that dental and oral health workers are used to dealing with children who are afraid to go to the dentist. They will be better able to explain the procedure to children in a way that is easy to digest. So, just leave the details to the dentist or his assistant.

4. Don’t tell the dentist about your bad experience

You and your partner may have had a bad experience at the dentist. This does not mean that the experience will also occur in children. So, try not to tell the story in front of the child. If your little one has an older sister who has been to the dentist, ask her sister for help to persuade her sister. If the older sibling has been in pain at the dentist, the little one doesn’t need to know about it.