July 22, 2024

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10 Travel Nurse Specialties with Highest Pay

Top Travel Nurse Specialties - Trusted Nurse Staffing

Being a travel nurse tends to bring in more money than being a full-time nurse that stays in one place for long periods. And different specialties bring in different incomes, depending on how in-demand they are seeing as there is fast staffing. These crisis travel nursing jobs are much needed right now, seeing as RNs are in demand all the time.

So here are 10 of the highest paying travel nursing jobs in the United States of America:

  1. Labor and delivery nurses

The labor and delivery nurse ensures the safety of both the mother and the baby during the whole childbirth process. On a weekly average, they make about $1,996 as a travel nurse.

  1. Operating room nurses

The traveling operating room nurses are the ones that help navigate the process, in pre-surgery, intra-surgery, and post-surgery. They will be there assisting the surgical team and provide care for the patients. They make an average of $1,879 a week.

  1. Neonatal intensive care unit nurse

This type of travel nurse is also known as a neonatal nurse. They are responsible for the care and treatment of newborn infants that are suffering from illness and prematurity, alongside the infant’s parents and their families. A neonatal intensive care unit nurse (NICU) makes about an average of $1,834 weekly.

  1. Post-anesthesia care unit nurse

A post-anesthesia care unit travel nurse is the nurse that takes care of patients who have gone under anesthesia. They observe and treat a patient post-operation to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the patients safely wake up from the anesthesia. On a weekly average, they make about $1,801 as a travel nurse.

  1. ICU nurses

An ICU travel nurse is a registered nurse that specializes in caring for patients that are in the intensive care units of hospitals and healthcare facilities. They evaluate, update, treat and monitor the doses of the patients. They make $1,796 on average weekly.

  1. Emergency room nurses

An Emergency room travel nurse is the one who treats patients who are suffering from trauma, injury, and severe medical conditions that require urgent treatment. This is a crisis travel nurse job, which means that they have to be quick on their feet and could quickly identify the best way to stabilize the patients and minimize the pain that they are feeling. On a weekly average, they make around $1,787.

  1. Pediatrics nurse

On a weekly average, a pediatric travel nurse makes $1,763. They are the ones who specialize in caring for children, from infancy to their late teens. 

  1. Step-down unit nurse

Making an average of $1,701 a week, a step-down unit travel nurse is the one who provides care for the patients that are in transitional units where the patients are far too sick for the med-surg floor but not sick enough for the intensive care unit. 

  1. Telemetry nurses

A telemetry travel nurse is the one that uses high-tech equipment to measure and monitor life signs, dispense medication, and communicate with the patients. They mostly handle the patients with acute disorders like heart failure, diabetes, or neurological problems. They make an average of $1,687 a week as a travel nurse.

  1. Medical-surgical nurses

With an average pay of $1,646 a week, a medical-surgical travel nurse focuses on the care of their adult patients who are acutely ill, with different medical conditions or diseases and they also take care of those who are recovering from surgery as well.

As a crisis nurse, you are expected to be contacted during times of a crisis in a certain area with an emergent need for increased hospital or healthcare facility staff. It is important to be wary, quick on your feet and ready to drop everything and go. Typically, a crisis nurse’s contract will be two to six weeks long but could be extended depending on the extent of the situation.

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